From small to large. Sophisticated technologies allow SIAP always to finalise the best solution for every application field, wether micro-components with diameters of just a few centimetres or gears having diameters of more than one metre.

From the simple to the complex. In-depth know-how in the development of sophisticated components allows SIAP to produce individual details as well as groups and complete assemblies.


Thanks to close collaboration with the main car builders, SIAP is able to supply components and specific gears for the automotive market.

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The distinctive skills acquired in the off-highway sphere find further application in the automotive field and inside trucks.

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Agricultural Equipment

The skills consolidated over the years within the Carraro Group today allow SIAP to offer a broad range of products specifically designed for agricultural applications.

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Construction Equipment

Working in close contact with the main Construction Equipment sector OEMs, SIAP has also attained excellence in components for earth-moving machinery.

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Renewable Energies

New systems for the production of clean electricity represent an important sector for SIAP. Major skills in this sector focus on the production of gears for “azimuth” applications, blade angle adjustment and splitters.

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It is a short step from on- and off-road traction to on-track systems. SIAP has developed gears and assemblies for short- and long-distance and high-speed applications.

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Alongside established traditional markets, SIAP is also able to supply components and gears for a broad range of special applications: from escalators to industrial plants and robotics.

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Material Handling

SIAP, thanks to consolidated know-how in components and gears for various on-highway applications, can produce a series of gears, components and assemblies for different warehouse vehicles.

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