SIAP produces shaved or ground cylindrical gears, straight bevel gears, lapped or ground spiral bevel gears, shaped or broached epicycloidal ring gears, hobbed or rolled drive shafts with shaved or ground finishing.

The high quality of SIAP gears is guaranteed by its consolidated know-how and highly verticalised production processes.

Preliminary heat treatments (e.g. annealing or quench and tempering), hobbing (e.g. Oerlikon or Gleason cutting for bevel gears), finishing operations (e.g. lapping or grinding for bevel gears) and final heat treatments (e.g. carburizing and hardening or nitriding) are all performed at the company's production facility in Maniago using automated and certified processes.

The availability of a laboratory with the most complete and modern equipments for chemical, metallurgical and contamination inspections places Siap at the technological forefront in its field.